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Robins are the cutest.

I had one of the most amazing experiences related to my garden last summer; two robins built their nest on the fence close to my French windows. Over the past two weeks they diligently .watched over their young, taking turns in feeding them. I could not resist having a peek into the nest and saw that they have four hatchlings. I am blown away by how these tiny little birds worked so hard to look after their young. They worked in tandem, one feeding while the other watched for predators .I must admit I joined in; chasing away any crows or magpies that came anywhere near.

On Monday 18th June, I woke up to a huge surprise, the chicks were leaving the nest, I missed the first one leaving the nest but saw it sitting on a plant pot on the other side of the garden.

I witnessed the second and third tumble out of the nest. They were so cute, all fluffy and looking a bit dazed.

A hidden robin
Another robin finds its way out.

Mum was on hand, still feeding them, flying around the garden wherever they were. Dad hung around for a bit watching, but soon flew off. I have not seen him since .I guess it is left to the mothers to take them on their final stage.

Baby number four was still in the nest and mum fed it also until about half an hour later when it decided to pop its head out and stumble out of the nest a bit weak and not going very far.

Baby Number Four

I quietly took some pictures and left them alone.

By late afternoon they were hopping all over the garden and mum was still chasing after them, feeding whoever she could see or hear.

Late afternoon, could only take pictures of this one the others were moving around too quickly.

Another flitting robin.

I really hope they were okay during the night as this morning I can only see the mother and two of the chicks. I am hopeful they are all good, as they seem very adept at hiding in the bushes. Mum is still rushing around bringing food.

Taking inspiration from the cute little robins in my garden, I created a stencil to be used on my hand printed scarves.

The final product is a colourful blend of the robins and their adventures in the garden. Hiding behind the leaves and trees that give them their shelter.

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