About AK-Wilde

AK-Wilde is the company name for a new collection of designs and products by Textile Designer and Teacher, Karen HB using the brand name Ak-wildeNature. AK-Wilde’s range of print designs, are heavily influenced by the beauty of nature, the diversity of plant life and the rich patterns and colours of global cultures. AK-Wilde’s range consists of hand cut stencilled patterns juxtaposed with vibrant colours, African tribal motifs and natural images from the garden.

Why, AK-Wilde?


AK-Wilde is named after my two daughters; the AK represents Aylia and Karissa and the Wilde after my love of nature and all things wild and wonderful.

A graduate of the London College of Fashion (University of the Arts), and a recent graduate from the Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design. I currently teach Key stage 3, 4 and A Level Textiles in a secondary school.

I  create unique surface pattern designs in a variety of themes which can be bought or licenced. Some designs are also available to buy as scarves and home furnishing items from my shop.

Thank for visiting my website. You can purchase scarves and home décor items direct from this website or from


You can also buy my prints as fabric by the metre from



All surface pattern prints are available for sale or licensing.

Please contact  wildenature@ak-wilde.com for further information                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

All designs and products on this site are the original creations of

Karen Hamilton-Bannis for AkwildeNature @ak-wilde.com and protected by copyright..

Please do not copy any image without permission.